Welcome To Your Brighter Home Fridge Freezer Cleaning

Has your Freezer got so much ice there’s no room for food? Does you Fridge smell or need a clean? Welcome to A Brighter Home – Fridge Freezer Cleaning
We are a locally run specialist cleaning business providing quality service and value

for money with over 20 year’s experience. Most of our business is for previously delighted clients and their friends and family. And because we provide several different cleaning services in your home, you only need to deal with one company.
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Did you know that many bacteria can easily survive even in the cold conditions of your fridge or freezer?  As well as causing the odour problems in fridges that we are all familiar with, these bacteria can cross contaminate fresh foodstuffs resulting in potential health issues such as food poisoning.


Have your fridge or freezer professionally cleaned using A brighter Home – Fridge and Freezer cleaning and eliminate the germs and bacteria.  Using our high tech steam cleaning system in conjunction with foodsafe cleaning solutions, we can comprehensively clean your fridge or freezer leaving it totally sanitised and smelling fresh.


There is no need to defrost your food before we come as we will bring insulating containers to keep it frozen whilst we carry out the clean.


Our fridge and freezer cleaning process:

  • Pre-clean inspection to identify any areas of concern or existing faults
  • Surrounding floor area covered to provide protection
  • Customer removes their foodstuffs to our supplied coolbags
  • Fridge/freezer pretreated with our specialist foodsafe anti-bacterial cleaning solution
  • Fridge/freezer cleaned with powerful high tech steam clean equipment, ice defrosted and all waste removed via vacuum
  • Fridge/freezer reassembled and function checked
  • Customer restocks foodstuffs and signs off job

Why Use Us?

  • Our steam technology kills bacteria leaving your fridge and freezer sanitised
  • Removing excess ice from freezers allows the freezer to work more efficiently thereby lowering your electricity consumption – keep clean and stay green.
  • Deep clean using the most high-tech equipment
  • All our Fridge and Freezer cleaning products are ‘foodsafe’
  • No need to defrost – we carry insulated coolboxes to store your food whilst we clean
  • Great discounts for using more than one of our services – click here to see multi service packages
  • Great discounts for regular cleans! – click here to see packages